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Home Sale Failures Doubled in 2016 – Why You Need an Experienced Realtor

The number of home sales failing to close doubled in 2016 and has been rising at an increasing rate over the past several years. Despite buyer and seller generally wanting the same outcome – a closed sale – inspection, appraisal, financing and other issues are getting in the way more and more.

This is why you need a very experienced Realtor and other seasoned professionals around you as a buyer or a seller.

I had two of the most challenging sales of my career in 2016. In both transactions, the Realtor on the other side was not effective. Thankfully, my own experience and the talents of the other professionals involved managed to push both over the finish line.

When you shop for a Realtor, ask about their closure rate. Find out how many homes they list end up sold. You’ll find that many Realtors lack the experience and skills, or take on too much business, to get hard deals closed.

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