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Spring Home Maintenance Jobs

Despite the warm winter, spring is still the right time to perform these seasonal maintenance items at your home. Visit our list of contractors for help with any of these jobs:

ROOF. Spring means heavy rain and high winds. Without heavy snow this winter you may not know about defects in the surface of your roof. Making sure all singles are secure, pipe collars are seals and flashing is tight will prevent damage to your roof sheathing and more costly repairs down the road.

FILTERS. A dry winter leads to more dust and, if you;re like me and many other homeowners, it’s been longer than you think since you last changed your filters. Don’t make your AC work harder than needed this summer.

DRYER VENT. Same goes for dryer vents. Sweatshirts, blankets and sweaters generate more lint and dust than t-shirts. Clogged dryer vents are a fire hazard and a big waste of energy.

HOSE BIBS. It’s time to turn these back on but also to check for small leaks. Check hose bib locations inside and outside the day after you turn them back on for the summer.

PAINT. It’s hard to paint in cold weather so use the first warm weeks to address any exposed wood or other damage. A quick coat of quality paint will prevent wood rot and expensive replacement.

DECK. Especially if you have a wood deck, inspect for splits, uneven joints and warped decking boards, all of which can cut a bare foot or be a tripping hazard during deck season.

REFRIGERATOR COILS. That dry dusty air has also probably built up on your refrigerator coils. Dirty coils means more electricity to keep your fridge cool. You can clean these easily with a vacuum cleaner hose or brush. They can be found on the bottom and/or back of the unit.

SMOKE DETECTORS. If your smoke detectors are more than 10 years old, they should be replaced. It’s become known that the material that detects smoke within the unit deteriorates after 10 years. If they are less than 10 years old, it’s still time to replace the batteries. Also check radon and carbon monoxide detectors.

TRACTOR/LAWNMOWER. Don’t wait until the grass is 6 inches tall and everyone else is realizing they need small engine repairs to make sure your equipment runs properly. It’s a good time for a blade sharpening too.

AIR CONDITIONING. Do not test your AC until its at least 50 degrees outside. On that first 70 degree day, turn it on to make sure it’s functioning properly. If you until you and all of your neighbors need the AC to run it for the first time, getting service could take several days. Also be sure all vegetation is cut way back away from the compressor coils and they are clean so your compressor gets good airflow.

DRAINS. Throughout the winter, leaves build up in basement stairwells, window wells and around other low drain locations. get those cleaned out before the heavy spring rains.

Visit our list of contractors for help with any of these jobs.