Moving ChecklistThe Yungmann Group

To-Do List for Your Move

In addition to the basics, be sure to take care of these frequently forgotten to-do’s! Some may only apply if you’re moving to a new town.

  1. Inventory your items before packing so you have records of what is supposed to make it to your new house
  2. Arrange for school and/or day care transfers
  3. Visit to change your address
  4. Obtain copies of medical and dental records if you’re moving to a new town, including pets!
  5. Have your valuables such as antiques and artwork appraised in case they are damaged in the move; check with your and/or the mover’s insurance company to understand what is covered and what documentation you would need in the event of a loss
  6. Schedule disconnection of your existing utilities and new service at your new home
  7. Cancel newspaper, lawn care, cleaning services and any other routine services or deliveries
  8. Do not pack records related to your existing a new home (including documents from purchase, sale and loans, utilities, warranties and tax records) in case they are needed at settlement
  9. Set aside records that will be left for the new owner (such as appliance manuals and warranties), all keys (including mailboxes, storm doors, sheds, padlocks and storage units), garage door openers, fan remotes, security system codes and anything agreed to in your contract
  10. Plan for disposal of items that will not be moved and need special arrangements such as paint, flammable items, fertilizers, large appliances, etc.; you’ll need to convey an empty house and many landfills only accept these items at certain times
  11. Schedule the service elevator if you’re moving in or out of the upper floors of a building
  12. Refill prescriptions and/or obtain refill from your physician to take with you
  13. Save moving expense records, including packing supplies, food and mileage, in case you qualify for a tax deduction or employer reimbursement
  14. Retrieve contents of safe deposit box or other storage facilities
  15. Drain water, oil and gas from equipment that will be moved
  16. Defrost refrigerator in advance so it can be cleaned on moving day
  17. Label every box and item that will be moved so your movers (or helpers!) know where to put things if you’re back at the old house or running moving day errands
  18. Label things that will not be left at the old house and/or items that you’ll move yourself so movers don’t put them on the truck
  19. Set aside “first open” boxes with things you’ll need in your new home right away, such as paper cups and plates, plastic flatware, scissors, cleaning supplies, tools, tape, trash bags, soap, toiletries, paper towels, toilet tissue, pencils/pens and notepad.
  20. Be sure you understand the payment requirements for your mover and be ready to pay them before they unpack at your new home
  21. Send out change of address cards or emails