Why A Buyer’s AgentThe Yungmann Group

What a Buyer’s Agent Can Do For You

Purchasing a home is a complex and significant financial transaction. The seller’s agent (the listing agent) is not on your side. He or she is legally bound to represent the seller. They are trained and experienced in how to protect their seller’s interests. Even with new construction, that sales representative represents the builder – not you. The legal designation of a buyer’s agent was created to put buyers on equal footing by giving them an experienced representative with a fiduciary duty to protect them.


Think you’re going to save money going at it alone? That’s not the way it works. The seller pays the full commission (both seller and buyer sides) to the listing agent/broker. The listing agent then pays a portion of their commission to the buyer’s agent. If the buyer doesn’t have an agent, the listing agent still gets the whole commission. And more important, the buyer is wide open to risks and expensive mistakes.


You will need a team of professionals to complete your home purchase. We encourage you to get referrals from friends or family – but we can also connect you with first class service providers. We maintain close relationships with the best mortgage loan officers, inspectors, title companies and other providers in the area. We have systems in place to manage the various processes such as financing, inspections and closing.

Market Knowledge

Whether you’re moving to the area or have been a life-time resident, you probably don’t have the detailed market knowledge needed to know what a home is worth today. There’s always lots of neighborhood gossip about what someone sold for, what someone else paid, etc., but these figures frequently do not include other accommodations between buyers and sellers or value adjustments for upgrades, amenities, deferred maintenance or other items. Plus, there are trends in neighborhoods, different long-term prospects and changes in surrounding areas that will affect value. We know these details and can help you be sure you’re paying the right price. In addition to valuation, we know the neighborhoods themselves. Especially if you’re moving here, you’ll need someone who knows the areas so you are sure to move into the community that’s right for you!